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3 Pillars For Successful Manufacturing in China

by Adam

China has a well-established manufacturing sector but still new businesses can find it tough to understand where to start. If you are planning to outsource production in China, then there are some aspects you need to understand, even if you have researched the market deeply. Here are three pillars for successful product sourcing from China.

Thoroughly understand your product.

Understanding your product beyond basic functionality is essential. It involves the material makeup, tolerance levels and precise specifications that ensure quality and safety. You must have an in-depth knowledge of these elements to have effective communication with the potential manufacturers.

For example, tight tolerances will require you to find a supplier with appropriate production capacity and compliance with quality control protocols. Similarly, you will need to understand material properties to choose one that suits your product needs and budget.

Becoming an expert on your product empowers you to share your product vision to ensure regulatory adherence.

Find the right supplier & foster a strong relationship.

China’s manufacturing sector has capabilities ranging from simple to advanced technology. It is crucial to identify manufacturers with experience in producing similar items. It will give the confidence that they know the involved intricacies and have the expertise to produce your product according to your specifications. You can perform online research on potential suppliers or attend trade shows to find a reliable manufacturer.

Besides, finding a supplier with the right technical capabilities you will need to build a strong relationship for a long-term partnership. Understand their strengths, weaknesses and communication style to collaborate effectively. It helps to avoid misunderstandings and ensure a smoother workflow.

Quality management

Quality management emphasizes the importance of proactive measures throughout the manufacturing process. Undoubtedly, the Chinese manufacturers are producing high-quality consumer products but achieving this consistently will need a well-defined quality management plan.

Ensure that the supplier understands your quality standards and expectations. So, please provide them with detailed specifications and technical drawings and outline your quality control needs.

Before mass production commences conduct a factory audit to assess manufacturing capabilities and quality control system first-hand. Regular inspection throughout the in-process phase helps to discover and address potential issues early. Final shipment inspection ensures the products fulfil your quality and safety requirements.

With a comprehensive quality management plan, you can control the manufacturing process to ensure all the goods produced are exactly as expected.

Beyond the three pillars, you will need to consider cultural differences in communication and business practices. Chinese business culture is more hierarchical and collectivist. It means decisions take longer, so it is vital to build relationships with key decision-makers. You also need to understand nonverbal cues because they can be different from what you are accustomed to. For example, a direct no is considered as impolite, so read between the lines.

Language barrier and Intellectual Property protection also needs serious consideration to avoid misunderstanding and infringement.


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